Caravan or Hotel?

Owning and maintaining a caravan takes some work but millions of UK caravan owners will tell you that it's well worth it.

The Appeal of Caravanning

Caravanning has been popular in the UK for well over a century; and the Camping and Caravanning Club boasts well over 300,000 members. Most of them will point out that the big advantage of owning a caravan is the freedom to travel as and when you please. Having a caravan in the drive allows you to literally get home from work on a Friday afternoon, hitch up the caravan and get in the car and go somewhere for the weekend. Camping is relaxing and enjoyable; it's a chance to sit outside your caravan and enjoy a cup of tea, perhaps make some new friends who share your interest. And staying in your caravan for several nights is a lot cheaper than staying in a hotel, even when you include the camp site costs, and the cost of upkeep and maintenance.

Looking After Your Caravan

Keeping your caravan in good condition is a must, especially if you do like to just get up and go somewhere at the last minute, with little advance planning. Maintaining your caravan is much like looking after your car; the fluids, lights, brakes and engine should all be maintained and checked regularly, end checking your caravan after winter storage is important. Whether you take caravanning seriously or it's just a hobby caravan parts are easy to find at car stores, department stores and many garages. It's worth keeping some of the basic parts in your car or caravan, as well as a basic emergency kit and tool kit. Keep in mind that you may need spare parts or accessories for the kitchen, shower or lighting, including replacement bulbs. 

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Where To Go Caravanning

One of the best things about caravanning is the freedom to go wherever you want to, and caravan parks and camping areas can be found all over the UK. Some of the most popular destinations for caravan enthusiasts include the Lake District National Park, the most visited in the UK, with its spectacular mountain scenery, water sports, literary heritage and many hiking opportunities. The other 14 UK National Parks are all popular destinations too, and offer plenty of secluded caravan parks and the chance to relax for a few days or longer. Many caravan enthusiasts opt for a static caravan, meaning it stays on one site, and this can be a practical solution for families who go on holiday to the same place every year. You can also find well equipped caravan parks within easy reach of some of the UK's most visited cities, including London, York and Bath, allowing you to leave the caravan on site, and explore with public transportation. And if you really want to get away from the crowds, some of the emptiest corners of the UK include the remote north of Scotland, the mountains of Snowdonia and the border country between England and Scotland.